Exciting workshops that enrich and inspire.
Exciting workshops that enrich and inspire.

Workshops conducted with Dr. Aneika Simmons:

The Burnout Resistance Workshop

  • Comprehend the technical and practical definitions of burnout
  • Learn how widespread burnout is across multipe industries
  • Gain tools to build burnout resistance as an individual
  • Understand best practices for reducing burnout in teams and departments

Improving Decision Making for Employees and Teams

  • Grasp the sheer number of decisions made each day
  • Learn about the types of decisions that we make
  • Understand the negativity associated with decision fatigue
  • Receive best practices for decision making

Leading with Creativity and Innovation

  • Understanding creative processes and products
  • Grasping important statistics on creativity and innovation
  • Comprehending risk and creativity
  • Apprehending the best practices associated with creative thinking and innovative outcomes

Verbal and Nonverbal Communication in the Workplace for Managers

  • Understanding the elements of interpersonal communication
  • Grasping nonverbal, verbal, and tone im communication
  • Decifering high and low power poses and the expression of color
  • Obtaining insights on active listening and constructive feedback