I blog semi-regularly about a variety of topics. Most of my blog posts are about my career in tech, my thoughts on engineering culture, my travels, and other topics that interest me.

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    • 2018
    • How to Tell When Someone is About to Quit

      I'm rarely surprised when someone tenders their resignation because I've learned to recognize the signs that someone is exploring other opportunities.

    • CodeNewbie Challenge Series - Part 1 - Pre-Mission

      I joined the CodeNewbie Challenge (#CNC2018), and I chose the Blog More challenge. I'm turning my work on this challenge into a blog series, and this is Part 1: The Pre-Mission!

    • Amplifi HD: The Dark Fiber Saga

      My home network wasn't meeting my needs. I was blowing through my ISP's data cap every month, and I had dead spots in various corners where the WiFi completely died. This is the story of how I fought to revive my home network with AT&T's fiber service and AmpliFi HD.

    • Master Your Inbox with the D.R.A.F.T. Method

      Are overflowing email inboxes getting you down? The D.R.A.F.T. Method will help you master your messages and bring your email under control.

    • How to Spot Workplace Toxicity During the Interview Process

      When you're looking for a job, making progress through the interview process can be exciting. However, don't let it blind you to clues that the company may be a toxic workplace.

    • Getting Promoted in Public Speaking

      Every speaker has a different journey, but there are levels to public speaking that almost everyone has to navigate.

    • Public Speaking Retrospective 2017

      My public speaking career went fully international in 2017, and I'm more thankful than ever for the privilege to take the stage at tech events all over the world. Once again, this is what I learned and my goals for the future.

    • 2017
    • Setting up My Site on GitHub Pages

      This is a high-level log of what I've done with the site as of Sunday, August 27, 2017.

    • How Your SXSW Proposal is Evaluated

      I've been a member of the SXSW Advisory Board (AB) for several years. As a member of the AB, I've reviewed hundreds of proposals submitted throug hthe PanelPicker interface. Here is my approach to deciding if I should vote for a proposal to be a part of SXSW.

    • What Companies Consider When Planning Workforce Reductions

      A reduction in force (RIF) is an act to remove headcount in order to satisfy budgetary concerns. Knowing what companies consider when planning a RIF can help you avoid being included in one.

    • Public Speaking Retrospective 2016

      I learned a great deal about public speaking in 2016. This is what I learned and my goals for the future.

    • 2016
    • Evaluating Conference Proposals Using STARS

      Conference committees have the daunting tasks of evaluating hundreds of proposals to find the ones that deserve to be on the conference schedule. As a member of several conference committees and advisory boards, I've developed a rubric for grading proposals called STARS.

    • Why Small is the Key to Big Agile Results

      Software development efforts often try to quickly scale resources in order to speed the pace of development. However, taking a small approach can often yield better results.