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Hello, my name is Anjuan, and I like to build things and help others understand how to build things. I'm a consultant, technologist, speaker, and author.

Most of the people who visit my site work in the technology field or are involved in public speaking either as speakers or event organizers. I have content available for both groups.

If you work in the technology field, you'll probably want to read my blog posts in the Software Development, Career, or Business categories. These posts are written from the perspective of my decades-long career in the technology industry.

If you're involved in public speaking as a speaker, you can read about what I've learned as a public speaker in the Speaking category. Event organizers looking for speakers can take a look at my talks or learn more about how to book me.

If you're not a technologist or involved in speaking, then feel free to get to know more about me or contact me. I would love to get to know you better!