Giving my Leadership Lessons from the Agile Manifesto talk at The Lead Developer UK in London.
Giving my Leadership Lessons from the Agile Manifesto talk at The Lead Developer UK in London.


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Whether you’re a Tech Lead, Engineering Manager, or Project Manager for an engineering team, you probably weren’t handed an instruction manual when you were given your first team to lead. This talk will show you how to apply the principles in the Manifesto Agile Manifesto to become a better leader.


When I was given my first technical team to lead many years ago, I didn’t know what to do. I copied the style of technical leads I worked with and what I could learn by reading USENET newsgroups about leadership (yes, it was that long ago). The results were mixed, and I felt that I was constantly making it up as I went along. However, after I began leading projects that used Agile software development, I eventually realized that the principles behind Agile provided powerful guidelines for leading my teams! Using these principles made me a more effective leader, increased team morale, and improved my ability to deliver software to customers.

This session will help attendees understand the principles behind the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and how to practically apply them directly to their daily leadership decisions.


  • The Hero-Developer’s Journey
  • Remembering the Revolution
  • Individuals and Interactions: Preserve Dignity and All Costs
  • Working Software: Working Always Ships Faster than Perfect
  • Customer Collaboration: Customers Trust Colleagues, Not Contracts
  • Responding to Change: Don’t Fear Surprises, Fear Inflexibility


You can find my slides on SpeakerDeck.

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What Attendees Have Said

LeadDev London

“Dignity always outranks the chain of commands”. Brilliant, @anjuan. #leaddev@ - Sergey

“as tech leads, you’re going to build more than just software” well said @anjuan #leaddev - Malcolm Young

Leadership lessons from the Agile Manifesto talk by @anjuan was full of wise and useful tips! #LeadDev - Tamara Forza

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