I’m an experienced and passionate speaker who would love to speak or run a workshop at your event. I hope this information makes it easier for you to integrate what I offer with the needs of your organization.

My First Duty

The first duty of a speaker is to provide a high quality experience for the audience. I take this duty very seriously. My job is operate at a high level of excellence while I’m on stage and in all interactions. I will be fully present whether I’m on stage, sitting on a panel, or mingling with attendees. This is the trust into which I enter when I agree to take part in your event.

What I Offer

I provide professionalism, preparedness, promptness, and a pleasant attitude. When I arrive at your event, my goal is to serve your attendees, help anywhere I can, and provide a hassle-free experience for organizers and volunteers. Just let me know what you need me to do.

If you need me to cover a slot because of a last minute cancellation by another speaker, I’ll be happy to do so. I always have a spare talk ready.

If your event is public, I will share it across my online profiles. I’ll also share any promotions.

I’ll promptly respond to any questions or requests for information and do my best to help you publicize your event.

I’m happy to let you share recordings, photographs, and the slides from my talks or workshops.

Scheduling Me

There is no official list of my speaking schedule so the best way to see if I’m available for your event is to contact me.

My Expectations from Event Organizers

I will deliver an experience that your attendees will remember long after your conference has ended, and, in exchange, I ask for the following:

Travel and Expenses

I’m an independent speaker without the support of a large corporation. So, I currently cannot sponsor your event. In fact, I’ll need my travel and expenses to be covered by you. I’m based in Houston, TX so this means that I’ll need my round-trip flight from George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) and hotel covered. I would also really appreciate it if you can provide transportation to and from the airport. Some conferences provide a code for a taxi or ride-sharing service like Uber.

If your event is based in Houston, I will gladly drive to the venue. There is no need to cover my travel expenses if I can personally drive there.

If your event is within driving distance but will take me more than two hours to arrive via car, I request that you provide a hotel. If traveling to your event by car takes more than four hours, I request that you provide air travel.


Please reimburse me promptly. I try to make my travel arrangements well in advance to obtain the best prices, and delays in payment usually mean that I have to float the balance on my credit card over several weeks. I prefer to pay my credit card off in full every month so this is a big inconvenience for me. I understand that some organizers want to wait until after the event to reimburse speakers, but this can be a big burden, especially for speakers who do several events a year.


Of course, I enjoy being paid my speaking fee, but I often waive it for non-profits or small local events. Contact me, and we can discuss pricing. However, if you cannot pay me, please be transparent because that makes the discussion easier for both of us.

Things That Help Me

I’ll bring a Macbook Pro and adapter to connect it to most modern projectors. All you need to provide is the projector, screen, and microphone. I have a slight preference for lapel (lavallière) microphones, but I am adept at using handheld microphones.

I appreciate events that have a Code of Conduct because that sets a tone of safety and inclusiveness.