I’ve been reflecting on a leadership style that seems tremendously effective, but is unsuitable people with a conscious.

This leadership style revolves around six laws. While I’ve seen people use these laws to achieve power, they are actually anti-patterns that can be used to identify weak leaders despite their lofty titles.

The Six Leadership Anti-Patterns


Place incompetent people in positions of high responsibility, and they will be fiercely loyal to you. This is the Law of Lackeys.


When someone accuses you of something, accuse them of the same thing. This is the Law of Reflection.


When someone attacks you, attack them several times more viciously than they did. This is the Law of Disproportionate Response.


Identify your opponent’s greatest weakness and make it part of their identity. This is the Law of Casting.


Appear to offer your defeated enemies an opportunity to share in your victory, but use it as leverage for future battles. This is the Law of Humiliation.


Never communicate in absolute terms and always leave a room for plausible deniability. This is the Law of Perhaps.


These laws, if followed ruthlessly and without shame, can result in profound success and even high office.

But, this success will be achieved in exchange for profound moral loss and a deep inner sense of emptiness.