Anjuan Simmons - Technology Translator


Speaking at The Lead Developer UK in London
Speaking at The Lead Developer UK in London

Hello, my name is Anjuan, and I like to build things and help others understand how to build things. I'm a software developer, speaker, and author currently working as a Technical Program Manager at Questback.

I've spent my entire career being responsible for managing multiple software development projects and delivering products that customers love. I optimize the interactions of the engineering team, maintain cross-department relationships with other business functions, and serve the executive team.

I began my public speaking career in 2009, and, over the subsequent years, I have spoken at a number of tech and business conferences on subjects including Agile software development, optimizing engineering teams, enriching company culture, and growing as a leader in the technology industry. I've had the privilege of speaking at tech events all around the world.

I have written for various publications since 2006, and I have authored a number of books and articles for online and print publications. I love breaking down complex ideas into simple concepts and helping people understand how they can be agents of change in the world.

I have been married since 2002, and I am the father of three children. When I'm not working in tech, thinking about tech, speaking about tech, or writing about tech, I can be found at home with my family or riding my bike.